Foxhollow Navigator, Pure Cleveland Bay Stallion




Foxhollow Navigator

Foxhollow Navigator is a pure Cleveland Bay stallion foaled in 1999. Navigator stands approximately 16.3hh and has 9.75" of bone.  Navigator is solid bay. He is registered and licensed for breeding with the Cleveland Bay Horse Society.  


Jason purchased Navigator in spring 2017.  Navigator had lived in Connecticut USA and sired only a couple of purebred Clevelands.  Navigator will arrive and stand stud in Virginia at Equine Reproduction Concepts in Amissville in mid-April.  Jason hopes to have Navigator collected and frozen to preserve his genetics for generations to come.  Jason will be breeding his mare herd to Navigator in 2017 for foals in 2018.  Navigator is available for AI breeding at attractive rates in order to boost the population of pure progeny.  Please contact Jason for terms.